All-Inclusive Development Model

Tailored for the decision making of developers, we provide a comprehensive service that encompasses all the data needed in a development project

Financial Modeling

Backbone of Studio Finance's all-in-one model, built to support the conventional feasibility studies by creating specific building area and programming guidelines generated based on financial targets and desired investment returns.

Maximizing Analysis

An analysis that finds the maximum model outputs by searching feasible development options. Within the boundaries of site restrictions and building codes, maximum financial and investment metrics can be identified through computer simulation, whether it's extensive as the entire scheme or granular as the number of parking spots.


The metric-driven budgeting approach enables program and unit specific cost allocation. 


By category of master format and individual provider of materials and services, a fully bottom-up projection on the timing of cash flows increases the accuracy of debt modeling.

Debt &
Capital Structure

Tiered debt structure allows flexibility to model the various phases of development, while enabling the calibration of interest reserve.

Key Performance Indicators

Visualization of critical financial inputs, metrics, and KPIs, allowing for quicker information absorption and faster decision-making process.

Pro Forma Financials

Program-specific lease and occupancy inputs allow real-time pro forma adjustments to account for seasonality in revenue and CapEx, reflecting latest macro-economic environment and real estate market.


Built upon the fully modeled Pro Forma, the discounted cash flow valuation (DCF) determines the earning-driven market value, a major driver of development's investment return and an approximation of formal appraisal.


The reported transparency in cash flow, developer fee, profit distribution structure convey explicit investment return expectations for prospective investors.


Detail-oriented waterfall model capable to accommodate special partnership provisions and distribution structures, producing precise contribution and distribution forecasts and bringing clear investment expectations to development partners.


The analysis integrates forecasts of earning and risk metric, along with market's risk appetite, helping to strengthen the position to raise initial and ongoing capital.


The analysis helps addressing project uncertainty in advance by setting benchmarks, fostering strategic planning, or simply understanding the impact of an unpredictable event. 


Additional reports and analysis are available in one delivery of service. Studio Finance's all-inclusive development model provides capability to our clients for ongoing ad hoc demands.